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Come from where 来自哪里:

Name 姓名 : 灵儿 Ling Er (5354号)

Age 年龄 : 20 Years Old

Height 身高 : 160cm

Boobs 胸围 : 36E

Room & CD Included 包房包套

EAST (东部)

East 东部地区

$150/1Shot 1次/60mins FJ


Please quote seen from momo! 请说陌陌时代看见的!



新时代的诞生  大家可以选择新的产物 陌陌时代  带给你不同的人生


       Please reject if not same person. Pay only when you meet in person.


2023-02-08 20:36Nuaghty Says:
Real In Person.. Young and pretty and nice figure w nice boobs. Skin is fair and smooth. Really a great girl. will be back f her

2023-02-05 20:57Oppo Says:
Would dare to say, she is a good catch to be with. French her like theres no tomrow.
2023-01-28 10:55Yes Says:
Good babe, would highly recommend to try her out. Would really satisfy your cravings alot
2023-01-26 22:09Thumbsup Says:
Good good gem, in Singape, very rare to have f sure, would highly recommend you guys!
2023-01-16 10:22Sick Says:
CIM while she blow me. Haha awesome sia!
2023-01-14 22:14刘大哥 Says:
I am her regular. Just realized that she had returned and immediately booked her to bonk.
Looks 样貌/颜值 : 9/ 10 . Looks ggeous even without make up) I am her first customer f the day )
Age (Est) 年龄 : mid 20
Body 身材 : 9/10 curvy with flat toned tummy and nice waist
Boobs 胸部 : C cup (natural and nice to squeeze)
BBBJ 无套口交 : 9/10 . Had to ask to stop as
I wanted to enjoy me fucking her ( scared to come too fast befe the real
Painting 鲍鱼 : 10/10. Clean shaved pussy. She enjoyed my painting with nice moaning and she climax a few times with shivering body. Feel so shook to hear that sound.
FJ 爱爱 : 10 / 10.需要壮阳药的朋友加whatsapp:九八九一四一六零(数字) 延时加增硬,效果保证 Missionary style by bed side. A good 10 mins ducking her tight Pussy with stereo moaning . We both climax at the same time.
Room 环境:Clean and hygienic
Kissing 接吻 : light kiss
Price 价格 : her service is definitely wth me than 2 hours
RTF/RTM 回头率 : F sure
2023-01-14 16:18Ada Says:
I swear she is a babe, I promise you wont regret finding her f sure. Cause I promise you she is wth it uh!
2023-01-09 09:54Cream Says:
She allowed me to CIM, haha that turns me on
2022-12-30 11:15Greatness Says:
I love her so so much, she is like the best of them all and will look fward finding her again.
2022-12-29 10:19Crave Says:
I love this girl! She is the best of the best and out of this wld!
2022-12-28 10:31Solid Says:
Real real girl. Good figure and wonderful experience.
2022-12-25 10:45Firsr Says:
Just gets better and better with this. Gna come find her me often now hehee.
2022-12-24 10:14Grace Says:
Lovely girl, big big racks and lovely tits. Solid solid bird bird
2022-12-23 11:15Winmer Says:
Can I say. This girl is dead pretty hahah! I am in love with her 100%. She provides darn good solid service f me.
2022-12-22 11:12Hearts Says:
Finding her is the right choice. Totally wth the time and efft to be with. She has a big smile and good body. Something that Ill go f.
2022-12-21 11:02Hearts and kisses Says:
Exple around and found this babe. She is darn pretty and sexy f sure uh. Im gonna say she is really pretty. Wth it f sure.
2022-12-17 13:12Coming back Says:
Just so awesome finding her, I had an awesome time with her. Hahaha I am in love with this babe. She is perfect f me and always ready f me
2022-12-16 12:25Luke Says:
Big big boobies f sure, she is perfect f me uh. I had a really awesome time spend with her. I love it so much. Will be coming back f me.
2022-12-13 14:08hugs Says:
Banging her is the best ever! She is just like a true babe uh! I love it so much.
2022-12-11 13:54Savvy Says:
Real life gem to be with, perfect shape and size, I am gonna ramp her pussy until she fly high and dry.
2022-12-06 13:25Act Says:
Her boobs are like precious gems, wth the time and efft spend with her. Can say she exceeded my expectations. Lovely girl to be with indeed.
2022-12-05 13:12Rr Says:
She is a beauty in real life thats f sure, damn beautiful as a woman. I am slowly in love with her over and over again le.
2022-12-04 09:57Bebe Says:
Good figure and will be there f me amazing features f sure. Exceeded my expectations.
2022-12-03 09:52Sum Says:
Solid figure to have, she is a true babe to be with. I enjoyed her service alot and she is willing to please me. I think she is the one f me
2022-12-02 12:01Yummy Says:
Really good service provided by her, solid figure indeed. Perfect shape and size to be with and will be there f her to suppt her too. Love that babe and vibes. Totally wth the efft
2022-12-01 12:00Same Says:
Chiobu in the house indeed. She has good body and good vibes to be with. Will be banging her me often soon
2022-11-30 23:13Yup Says:
Made the right choice finding her, she is amazing uh. Her service was better than expected. Perfect body and shape. Get better and better at it. Slowly in love with her.
2022-11-28 14:47Cc Says:
Happy happy le, finding her is the right choice uh.
2022-11-26 13:00Wear Says:
I am gonna slap her butt cheeks damn chio sia this girl. Have been trying to bang her all day all night. Tdy finally tried, it 100% wth the money
2022-11-25 23:36POP Says:
Sexy sia! I love it brooooo she is like a beast!
2022-11-17 18:47Greatttt Says:
Big boobies, love the way she suck my little brother like a baby. Didnt expect her boobs to be that massive but yea it is really big!
2022-11-16 01:38Jio Says:
Dang this babe is chio to the max! She has a gooddess body and nice smile. She is my ideal type of girl ill go f. Highly recommend you guys to try though! Love it! 100% coming back f her again!
2022-11-15 11:44Rr Says:
Tried her service just now. She is the bomb sia! All damn good and shiok. Big boobs and tits just like the way i wanted it. Only know that im coming back f me
2022-11-14 20:18Darren Says:
Dang this girl has big tits and real person. Service is better than expected. 100% wth the money and time. Highly recommnded

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